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I'm very pleased to announce my representation in Western Australia by
Stala Contemporary

Solo Exhibition!
Nothing In Between - Kolbusz Space
Opening Night - Friday 13 August 6pm - 8pm
Viewing Saturday 14th + Sunday 15th August 10am - 4pm


Bystander (acrylic on canvas, 150cm x 150cm)

Eric Hynynen is an award winning Finnish-Australian artist, whose works are collected locally and internationally. Eric captures a humanity that connects people with art and is best known for his bold, thought provoking paintings and videos.

Nothing In Between features new works by Eric. His Canvascape series of abstract, sculptural works are enquiries into form and material, ebb and flow. The Canvascapes are contrasted with figurative, minimal paintings revealed in their essential elements of light and dark.

Hynynen’s practice moves seamlessly between painting, video and sculpture. His two-tone palettes invite a meditative contemplation on the dichotomies in society. Providing a counterpoint between ‘man-made’ modernity, consumerism and expectation against the value and potential of simplicity in our natural world.

Group exhibition - Feb 13 Lost Eden Creative:

ION Invite 2021 - Final(1)

Art Mart 2020 - Kolbusz Space


Bukowskis Design + Contemporary Art Fall Auction 2020

European Goldfinch
This little guy has flown to Helsinki to find a new home. Tikli (European Finch), oil on canvas, 90cm x 90cm. SOLD

UNCG International Sustainability Short Films Competition 2020
I'm happy to announce that my short film History Repeats has been awarded 3rd place in this year's competition. Check out some great films for a good cause. You can watch my experimental film here:


Amsterdam Experimental Film Festival 2020
I’m pleased to have several video artworks shown as part of this amazing experimental film festival in Amsterdam!


Artsource Salon 2019: NOW

Yves Klein meets H.R Giger in this creepy, super saturated, 3D painting. Each baby face is individually cast in plaster.
This work is part of the Artsource Salon show: Now, opening at Old Customs House in Fremantle on Friday 27/09. The exhibition runs until October 18.

Baby Clone Blues (acrylic on plaster on board, 76cm x 76cm)

Group Exhibition Scene

I am happy to have some works exhibited at SCENE, a group show at
Nyisztor Studio

Please join us for the opening celebration 6PM this Saturday 24th August
Exhibition closes: Sunday 8 September.

Opening hours:
Wednesday - Saturday, 11am – 5pm
Sunday, 2pm – 5pm

Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2019

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 3.46.07 PM

I’m happy to announce that my video work Another Day… has been selected for the amazing Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2019. Starting 26th July 2019, the streets of Melbourne come alive with a spectacular selection of video projections. For full details visit:


Life is not a Business 2019 (enamel and oil on canvas, 150cm x120cm)
(SOLD / Private Collection)
Things are getting out of hand. The government insists on applying a business model for all aspects of society. We are seeing unprecedented attacks on the most vulnerable members of our community. Funding cuts to health, education, welfare and disability services, are causing undue stress on people’s lives. Households are struggling to make ends meet, while 679 major corporations paid no tax whatsoever. Do we want to live in a society or an economy?

Bassendean Art Awards 2017

Too Much, but Never Enough was highly commended this year.
Thanks to the Town of Bassendean!

Too Much, But Never Enough, (100cm x 75cm, enamel on canvas)

The Wanneroo Art Awards 2017

Numbers Man was awarded the prize for the best painting this year! Thank you to the City of Wanneroo! This work is available for purchase.

Numbers Man, (150cm x 150cm, oil and enamel on canvas)

The Bald Archies 2017

My painting “Message For Malcolm” was selected as a finalist in the Bald Archies. Touring several eastern states galleries.

Minnawarra Art Awards 2016

I am pleased to announce that my painting “Lost” has been awarded the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority Acquisitive prize.

eric hynynen

Inside-Out Billboard

The City of Joondalup Inside-Outside Billboard situated on the west-facing side of the Joondalup Library currently features artist Eric Hynynen's Artwork.
Artist Eric Hynynen was commissioned by the City for the fourth instalment of artwork to feature on the Inside-Out Billboard.
Hynynen is a Western Australian artist who works with paint and video, and was selected for the Inside-Out Billboard commission from the 2015 Community Art Exhibition.
The artist’s interest in science and the environment is reflected in his work that explores the natural world including birdlife, habitats, plants and animals.
Hynynen has produced an artwork entitled ‘We Are Nature’ consisting of adjacent scenes - on the left the head of a man looking at the sky and on the right a native Western Australian bird, wings extended on the banks of a river.
His recent works have been influenced by Eastern philosophy and reflect the intricate connection between humans and nature represented in this artwork using positive and negative space. The contrasts of light and shadow are pushed to the limit and the image is reduced to its bare essentials, a minimal figuration expressing the philosophical concept of the unity of opposites - the idea that the existence of an entity is dependent on the existence of its opposite



PS Art Space
Friday 13 November 6:30 to 8:30pm
Saturday 14 - Sunday 29 November
Opening times:
Tuesday -Saturday 11:00am-4:00pm (Closed Sundays and Mondays)

Systematically Conditioned - is the Finnish/Australian artist’s first major solo exhibition in Western Australia since returning after a decade in Helsinki, Finland. He is a graduate from the highly regarded Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Masters program.

The exhibition
brings together large-scale mixed media paintings, and multi-channel video installations, drawn from the past two years of the artist’s career.

Each artwork connects the viewer to the artist’s philosophical observations on themes including: politics, the relationship between global big business and the government, failing global systemic structures, the erosion of individual freedoms and social responsibility. Issues that are of deep importance to the artist.

Central to Hynynen’s practice is a resolute quest for individual freedom and social equality, a reaction against his perception of our lives being increasingly legislated or controlled. He sees art as a process and space for taking back some of this freedom.
Hynynen’s works are unsettling, unrelenting and infused with existential angst, giving audiences a sharp sense of urgency. Through the use of iconoclastic strategies and black humour, accepted social structures are questioned. At the present, society has the option to change course, Systematically Conditioned asks - will we?

eric hynynen